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Ideal-Test - May
The topics of this month are:
1. The expertise in making high quality tweezers;
2. The ability to customize our offer;
3. The consistency of our products.

The latest Ideal-test allowed many of you to win the Ideal-tek branded t-shirt.
This month we’re raising the bar and winning our t-shirt will be more difficult, take your chances!
Find the odd one out in this image!
The quality standards ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certifications are internationally recognized and proved Ideal-tek’s overall commitment to continuous improvement.

Have a look at all our certifications.

The standards guiding our work allow us to always maintain the expertise in making high quality tweezers, the ability to customize the offer to meet customer and market needs, subsequently making the new product a standard, and this means being consistent, guaranteeing the same quality excellence over time.