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Medical Device family
Electronic device family
Watchmaking Tweezers
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Medical Device family High-precision tools for the medical device manufacturing.
The Medical Device industry must count on dependable solutions to perform precision and demanding tasks in tight and difficult to access area. Ideal-tek precision tools such as tweezers, cutters and pliers, scissors, visual inspection devices are engineered to efficiently guide and safely support human hands during manufacturing and repairing in this field.
Electronic device family Precision tools and visual inspection instruments are essential for the Electronic and the MRO industries. Ideal-tek is the reliable Swiss manufacturer and supplier ready to satisfy all your specific needs.
The assembling, the repairing and the reworking of technological devices are crucial activities that require trusted quality partners to be efficient and productive.
Watchmaking Tweezers Professional watchmakers need the right precision tools for quality watch design and repair. Even the smallest parts of a Swiss watch are made with incredible accuracy and require very sharp and extremely precise Tweezers.
Our Life Science family Life Science, Microbiology and Microscopy require superior precision instruments to perform critical tasks. Ideal-tek hand tools allow a careful handling of samples, substances and items for microscopic and close range applications in laboratory. Differentiated in shape and materials according to the purpose and field of application, our tools are able to stand out for reliability, excellent execution of their intended tasks and duration in time.
Our Beauty family The beauty, wellness and cosmetics industries rely on a wide range of precision hand tools, such as tweezers, scissors, magnifying lamps and dispensers.
Ideal-tek products are your best friend to take care of your beauty routine daily.
For over half a century, we have been crafting high-precision hand tools with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our tools are proudly made in Switzerland, but are used by professionals around the globe. This represents our world and the dual nature of our company: a local, artisanal producer of high-quality tools that reach a global audience, while continuously innovating through advanced production processes and digitalization.
Ideal-tek high-precision cutters combine superior cutting quality and durability with unique design and ergonomics, resulting from careful attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process.
High precision tweezers are skilfully handcrafted to offer polished edges and a superior no-scratch/antiglare satin finish and the perfect symmetry and balance of tips.
Specifically designed for applications that require a high precision self-closing action.
The peculiar shape of handles guarantees a uniform tension in the handling of small fragile parts.
tip tweezers
Durable and self-aligning replacement tips, anti-magnetic stainless steel handles.
Excellent for handling sensitive electronic components, and ceramic and glass parts where non-metallic non-scratching is critical.
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Watch our video pills and discover all the secrets of Ideal-tek products and how they can be perfect for your applications.
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