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Diamond coated tweezers

High precision cutting tweezers with DG4 full tool length diamond coating provide the ultimate corrosion resistance and extended tool life, while maintaining their original cutting sharpness. End users often hold cutting tweezers close to the tips where fingers can contribute to oxidation on the carbon steel cutting edges. DG4 coating delivers the highest level of corrosion resistance for carbon steel, making it perfect for the full body coating of cutting tweezers. The Diamond coating inhibits oxidation and resists wear and abrasion, ensuring reliable performance over time.
The innovative plasma-assisted deposition technique used during the coating process ensures complete adherence to the material, making the tweezers completely biocompatible and free from any possible particle release or metal contamination. In addition, the tweezers become extremely resistant to wear and corrosion, making them perfect for demanding sectors such as medical device manufacturing, biological and clean room environments. These tweezers are also perfect for precise applications including hearing aid, stent, pacemaker and other medical device manufacturing.

  • Extreme corrosion resistance (RUST FREE)
  • No metal contaminations or particle release
  • Extended tool life
  • Easy cutting
  • Clean room compliant
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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