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History - 55 years of quality.
Ideal-tek is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of precision tools with innovative products, prompt customer support, and a highly-skilled team.
Ideal-tek S.A. was founded by Franco Grisoni and Marco Grassi as Ideal-Outils s.a. to produce and sell precision tools to the electronics and micro assembly industries.
Ideal-tek moved its plants to Balerna to increase its production capacity. It also started to automate its manufacturing processes.
Ideal-Tek expanded the R&D capability in order to meet more complex customer requirements. The company also pioneered the development of special plastic and ceramic tweezers for high demanding electronics and laboratory applications.
Ideal-tek obtained the ISO9000 standards, the first in its industry.
Sandro Grisoni, Franco’s son, took over the management to preserve the Ideal-tek company philosophy.
Ideal-tek started to sell its products in the watch and jewellery markets, gaining a large market share in a short period of time thanks to its versatility and speed in understanding the needs of end users.
Salvatore Alivesi joined the company as production engineer, bringing additional knowledge and skills to Ideal-tek’s ‘innovation team’.
Ideal-tek relocated into a new building in order to further increase production capacity. The company also developed a new line of cutters and pliers.
Ideal-tek expanded its distribution network into the Medical device manufacturing and Microscopy industries
Ideal-tek moved again; into an even larger building in order to increase production capacity and introduce further manufacturing efficiencies.
Ideal-tek has achieved ISO 13485 Medical Device Certification. This internationally recognized certification is another milestone that demonstrates Ideal-tek overall commitment to continual improvement.