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About Us

Mission & Company Profile

First quality manufacturer of precision instruments creating value through a perfect balance between industrialization and craftsmanship with an high understanding of our end users and distributors needs and expectations.
We strongly believe that long-term partnerships are the key to our past, present and future success.

Company Profile
Swiss manufacturer and supplier of precision tools
Since being established in Switzerland in 1964, Ideal-tek has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of precision hand tools and instruments. Our products are used every day, all over the world, by thousands of customers in the medical device, microscopy and laboratory, electronics and semiconductor, watchmaking and jewellery industries. 

The company
From our facility in the southern Switzerland region of Ticino, we design and manufacture high-quality specialist tweezers, cutters, pliers and custom-designed tools. We also provide customers with additional complementary products, sourced from highly respected third parties. These products include microscopes, scalpels and blades, printed circuit board holders, soldering/desoldering tools. Our products are sold in 45 countries by a network of some 150 distributor partners.

Ideal-tek combines 50+ years of successful experience with a passionate team focused on producing and providing the highest quality precision tools to a global marketplace.
Ideal-tek precision instruments are the perfect balance between HUMAN CRAFTSMANSHIP and INDUSTRIALIZATION.

Innovation that helps our customers to work more productively
One stop shop for hand-tools and instruments
- Attentive to understanding and providing tailored solutions for customer needs
Tailor-made tools perfected for your applications, with Innovation Lab
- Comprehensive and easily accessible technical information
- Great customer experience resulting from reliable products and prompt sales and technical support

6828 Balerna
Tel. +41 91 683 32 29
Fax +41 91 683 03 71