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Customized Tweezers and Accessories

The customised tweezers and accessories provided by Ideal-tek include Testing Tweezers and folding holders designed to host up to 4 tweezers.
Testing Tweezers with their specialized banana plug tail, these tweezers seamlessly integrate with LCR meters, transforming into an essential tool for precision testing. Ideal for applications requiring meticulous contact with small-diameter wires or components in tight spaces, these tweezers ensure a reliable grasp and precise measurement.

The tweezer holder is perfect to keep your tools within reach, but also safe and clean at any time.
Especially handy to perform operation requiring more than one type of tweezers (that may vary for material, shape and open/close mechanism), the tweezer holder and the other accessories aim at satisfying the manifold needs of Electronic Industry, while preserving as long as possible the high value of our precision tools.

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