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Ideal-tek provides a wide range of professional swabs for degreasing, removal and precision cleaning in Watchmaking & Jewellery applications. The line includes many models with cleaning heads in different materials and shapes.
Wrapped foam swabs are indicated for precision jobs requiring particle entrapment in controlled environments. The structure in breathable polyurethane foam attracts solvents from the surfaces, facilitating the removal of tough contaminants. With the maximum abrasion resistance, the longest lifespan on the market and the different shapes available (small tips for tight-tolerance areas, pointed tips for picking), Ideal-tek wrapped foam swabs are perfect for watchmaking and jewellery applications.
Sealed polyester swabs have the lowest values on the market in terms of ionic contaminants and non-volatile particles. Acid-resistant and solvent-resistant, Ideal-tek swabs are perfect for vigorous rubbing around irregular or raised shapes in Watchmaking & Jewellery applications. No loose fibres or dispersed particles due to the strong sealed edges.
Sealed foam swabs offer excellent particle trapping thanks to the open cell structure of the medical-grade reticulated foam and the absence of released particles or fibres. Without adhesives or binders, Ideal-tek sealed foam swabs guarantee the best solvent retention.
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