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HD inspection system

The HD TEK-SCOPE inspection system is the ultimate solution to examine a wide variety of objects in connection with a monitor or computer. The HD autofocus camera provides high quality images without distortion (up to 1080p FHD) or delay, and with excellent depth of field.
Thanks to an optical magnification up to 30x, a digital magnification up to 300x, and the integrated LED lights for shadow-free lighting, the TEK-SCOPE allows a careful inspection of components during the exam, assembly or repair of gemstones and mechanical watches.
Easily connected to a monitor or computer via an HDMI or USB port, the TEK-SCOPE inspection system enables an immediate live-streaming of the images: the remote control allows to zoom in and out, fine tune and and focus with a touch of a button. The toolbar controls the image and measurement software, downloadable with no need for drivers or product keys.
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