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High Precision Cutters

Ideal-tek high-precision cutters are designed and manufactured integrating craftsmanship and technology to offer reliable and consistent cutting tools for professional use. The ESD-safe cutters ensure exceptional cutting performance with increased usability, comfort, reliability and precision.
The anti-slip rubber surface provides the operator with a better grip and a more pleasant feeling. The Bi-component ergonomic handles support a more natural position of the thumb, offering superior comfort in Life Science & Microscopy applications.
High quality ball bearing steel, double-leaf stainless steel springs and hardened alloy steel nuts offer superior cutting quality and durability.
  • High quality ball bearing steel
    - 63 Rockwell Hardness (HRC) for cutters
  • Pyrometer controlled inductive hardening
  • Superior no-scratch/antiglare satin finish
  • All cutters available with three types of cutting blades: SEMI-FLUSH, for soft and hard wire, FLUSH, for very precise cutting of soft wire. FULL-FLUSH, for a perfect cutting of soft wire
  • 2-Component ESD-safe user-friendly Ergonomic handles with a soft comfortable gripping surface
  • 2 handle sizes: Ergo-tek (E) and Ergo-tek slim (ES) to custom fit personal preference and application
  • Dual leaf springs made of stainless steel
  • Lap joint with screw in order to achieve a high level of strength and precision.
  • Nuts made of hardened alloy steel to resist high cutting load.
  • Perfect symmetry

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