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ESD plastic probes and spatulas

ESD-safe plastic probes and spatulas are multi-purpose tools for Life Science and Microscopy applications. Wear resistant, Ideal-tek plastic probes and spatulas have soft tips that do not scratch delicate surfaces.
Properties can vary significantly depending on the material, however general applications include stirring and mixing of powder and solutions, picking and dosing of chemicals, dispensing or sampling powders, soft solids and many others.
The models, sold individually or as a complete set, include:
  • spatulas/probes with rounded body featuring a pointed tip and a flat tip
  • squared spatulas/probes with a curved tip and a flat tip
  • squared spatulas/probes with a thin tip and a wide flat tip
High performance plastic materials (CP and SV plastic types) offer excellent mechanical strength and toughness, high purity and stability at high temperatures.
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