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Biology Tweezers

Discover Ideal-tek's premium biology tweezers, designed for precision and reliability in the most demanding environments. Crafted from superalloy (CX) or high-alloy stainless steel (DX), these tweezers feature ultra-fine tips perfect for handling the smallest materials and grids under a microscope. Experience unparalleled stability, resistance to chemicals, and durability at extreme temperatures with Ideal-tek biology tweezers.

Anti-acid/anti-magnetic superalloy (CX) biology tweezers

Ideal-tek's CX Biology Tweezers are made from a Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum superalloy, six times harder than antimagnetic stainless steel. This superior material provides excellent sturdiness and heat resistance, allowing the tweezers to operate effectively at temperatures up to 800°C/1472°F
Fully non-magnetic and resistant to shape deformation, these tweezers excel in harsh conditions, including aggressive chemical environments. They are ideal for laboratory and biological applications, offering high precision and reliability in Life Science and Microscopy work.

High alloy stainless steel (DX) biology tweezers

Constructed from a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel, the DX Biology Tweezers by Ideal-tek offer outstanding resistance to corrosion and acidic environments, including exposure to sulfuric, phosphoric, and acetic acids. This low-carbon alloy maintains its non-magnetic properties under all conditions, providing excellent formability and weldability. 
Tested to withstand temperatures up to 450°C/842°F, these tweezers are ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, cryogenic laboratories, and various Life Science and Microscopy applications.

Choose Ideal-tek tweezers for unmatched performance and durability

Ideal-tek biology tweezers are engineered for precision and durability. Whether working with delicate materials under a microscope or handling corrosive substances, our tweezers deliver exceptional performance. 
Trust Ideal-tek for all your high-precision, non-magnetic tool needs in Life Science and Microscopy, ensuring your work is conducted with the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

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