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Medical device manufacturing tweezers

Handcrafted with precision, our tweezers are designed to achieve perfect symmetry and balance, featuring polished edges and a superior no-scratch/antiglare satin finish. These high-precision tweezers are specifically used in the medical device industry for microscopic work, precision handling and manufacturing, electronic repair, and various general applications.
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Our high-precision tweezers range

With a wide range of tweezers available, we offer exceptional quality and precision for medical device manufacturing processes. Each pair is designed with the utmost care to ensure perfect symmetry and balance, allowing for precise handling and manipulation of delicate components.
These tweezers are stand for reliability and precision in the medical device field, providing:
  • excellent strength and heat resistance (up to 800 °C/1472 °F);
  • resistance to fatigue;
  • very high shape retention;
  • full non-magnetic properties;
  • excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts, and acids.

Biology tweezers

Our medical device manufacturing tweezers are made from high-alloy stainless steel (DX) or superalloy (CX), ensuring durability and resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and harsh conditions. The ultra-fine tips are ideal for handling extremely minute materials and grids, enabling accurate and intricate work.

Flat tip tweezers

For sensitive parts and components, our flat tip tweezers are the perfect choice. With smooth scratch-proof tips, these tweezers provide gentle handling and minimum pressure on delicate parts. They are specifically designed for moving, gripping, and manipulating flat elements, substrates, and wafers, ensuring damage-free handling.

Super slim

Our super slim tweezers are long and slender, making them ideal for reaching tight spaces and working near heat sources during medical device manufacturing or repairs. Their ergonomic design ensures precise control and ease of use, even in challenging environments.

Choose Ideal-tek, proudly made in Switzerland

We understand the importance of high precision in medical device manufacturing, and our tweezers are trusted by professionals for their exceptional performance and reliability. Choose our medical device tweezers to enhance your manufacturing processes and achieve unparalleled accuracy.
Browse through our product listing to find the perfect tweezers, or ask for tailor-made solutions for your medical device manufacturing needs. If you have any questions or require assistance in selecting the right tweezers, feel free to contact our team.

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