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New kit with 7 different Bonpens

The new Bonpen kit by Bonkote contains now 7 different Bonpens. In addition to 6 pens of previous kit you will find a new model - BON-102S - with ultrafine 2.5mm ø brush for fine and precise point application.
Bonpens are refillable pens, that enables accurate flux application on your work area. You can also use a single cartridge and simply buy the various replacement tips.
 Why choosing Bonpen?
  • ESD safe handy tools
  • Flux can be refilled economically
  • Fine point, broad point, or slash cut tip styles available
  • No flux evaporation
  • Flux density can be kept constant
  • No dripping and flooding
  • Easy to clean (with alcohol or water, depending on flux used)
For more details please check our Bonkote leaflet.