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NEW Ideal-tek Micro-Shears handles

The new Ergo-tek handles for the Ideal-tek Micro-Shears line were designed with a user centered design (UCP) philosophy. Ergo-tek Micro-Shears are designed to maximize productivity while minimizing worker repetitive motion injuries.  
New Ergo-tek Micro-Shears features:

  -  Superior ergonomics
  -  Bi-component design
  -  Particulate free grip surface

New Ergo-tek Micro-Shears benefits:

  -  Ergonomic handle reduces repetitive motion strain
  -  Anti-slip rubber outer surface for improved grip
  -  Perfect stiffness for increased productivity
  -  Easy pick up with or without gloves
  -  Ultimate operator comfort from UCP intelligent design
  -  ESD-safe material

As current inventory is depleted for the following models 9100, 9200, 410, 420, 2175, 2193, LX, 175, 440, 9180, new enhanced Ergo-tek Micro-Shears will be phased in with no part number change and no cost increase.

For more detailed information please see our Ergo-tek Micro-shear leaflet.

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