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STOP OXIDATION! Full length ESD epoxy coated cutting tweezers

End users often hold cutting tweezers close to the tips where fingers can contribute to oxidation on the carbon steel cutting edges. Epoxy coating inhibits oxidation.

Advantages of Ideal-tek full lenght epoxy coated cutting tweezers include:
- Epoxy Coating to inhibit oxidation 
- ESD safe (105-106)
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Extended tool life

Ideal-tek cutting tweezers are ideal for use in precise applications including hearing aid, stent, pacemaker and other medical device manufacturing.

For detailed information see our Ideal-tek’s ESD Epoxy coated cutting tweezers leaflet*

*Full tool length coating is available upon request for all Ideal-tek cutting tweezers - Old cutting tweezer coating is substituted by full tool length coating (NE part number codification - e.g. 15AGW.C.NE - becomes N - e.g. 15AGW.C.N)

(Full length ESD epoxy coated cutting tweezer Newsletter)