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Ideal-tek Ergo-tek Micro-Shears

Improve your efficiency with Ideal-tek Ergo-tek Micro-Shears

We know how much you love your job, but even the things we like the most can bring hassle sometimes. That’s where the Ideal-tek Micro-Shears line steps in
These are the  features and benefits of our Ergo-tek Micro-Shears that will maximize your productivity and exponentially improve the quality of your work experience:
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Bi-component design
  • Particulate free grip surface
  • Ergonomic handle reduces repetitive motion strain
  • Anti-slip rubber outer surface for improved grip
  • Perfect stiffness for increased productivity
  • Easy pick up with or without gloves
  • Ultimate operator comfort from UCP intelligent design
  • ESD-safe material
You’ll find any information you may need on our Ergo-tek Micro-shear leaflet.

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