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Ideal-tek Ceramic Replaceable Tip Tweezers
  • Two ceramic materials:
    • MZ White insulating ceramic (>1012)
    • ZJ Black ESD safe ceramic (107-109)
  • Patented Ceramic tip alignment (vertical and horizontal)
  • Perfect touch point
  • Different geometries
  • Easy and fast to replace (watch the video from 0.47 s)
  • Contamination free
  • High temperature resistant
  • Wear and solder resistant
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • Nearly chemically inert
  • Biocompatible
High precision tips for high temperature applications and handling of sensitive components during thermal and chemical processes, ceramic and glass parts where non-metallic non-scratching is critical.
Ideal for high grade applications in clean rooms, chemistry, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Generally used when very rigid tips are required.
For more detailed information visit Ceramic repl. tip Tweezers page

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