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Ideal-tek Plastic replaceable tip tweezer wide range
  • ESD safe
    • CF (carbon fiber) 10^2 Ohm
    • CP (carbon PEEK) 10^5-6 Ohm
    • SV (PVDF) 10^5 Ohm
  • 3 alignment points
  • Different geometries
  • Different materials

For more detailed info see Synoptic plastic table and Chemical compatibility chart.


Carbon Peek (CP)
Best for: high temperature applications, soldering, handling of components in cleaning/ chemical processes.
Carbon Fiber (CF)
Best for: sensitive electronic components, micro-mechanical parts, glass and ceramic substrates.


Replaceable tip tweezers are excellent for handling sensitive electronic components, and ideal to work with ceramic and glass parts where non-metallic non-scratching tools are critical.
Click Plastic Replaceable Tip Tweezer page for our complete range.

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