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Plastic Replaceable Wafer Tweezers

Plastic Replaceable Wafer Tweezers

Ideal-tek Plastic Replaceable Wafer tweezers feature flat tips for the safe handling of wafer grids and semiconductors, and the accurate positioning of thin and delicate substrates like glass, metal and silicon wafers.
Our tweezers are provided with self-aligning, replaceable, durable Carbon PEEK and PVDF Plastic tips resistant to stress and extreme temperature, which also contribute to avoid scratching or breaking thin layers.
They are ESD safe, cleanroom compatible and prove outstanding resistance to chemical processes.


  • ESD safe
    • CP (carbon PEEK) 10^5-6 Ohm
    • SV (PVDF) 10^5 Ohm
  • 3 alignment points
  • Different wafer size picked-up: from 2” to 6”
  • Different materials
  • High temperature resistance – up to 260°C (CP)
  • High resistance to mineral and organic acids, solvents and halogens (PVDF)
  • Cleanroom compatible
For more detailed info visit Plastic wafer tweezer page and see the Chemical compatibility chart.


Type 8WLCP Plastic replaceable tip tweezers are suitable to delicate applications which require holding a 6-inch flat component firmly. The line serration provides the handles with extra grip while the bent paddle helps to hold the component still during positioning.

Download 8WLCPRSG.SA product datasheet.

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