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Ode to the Artisan

These artisans are the heroes of our story,
The ones who take our products from good to glory.

In the world of tweezers, where precision reigns supreme,
It’s in the artisanal finishing that magic is seen.

This is where added value is born, where our products truly shine,
and it’s our craftsmen who create it, with their expertise divine.

It takes years of experience, effort, and a special kind of skill,
To perfect hand-eye coordination and develop that artisanal thrill.

Our craftsmen possess an extraordinary sensitivity,
A sixth sense that’s born of their passion and creativity.

Just like Michelangelo genius and his chisel’s art,
Our craftsmen bring forth beauty from steel, right from the heart.

So let us raise a toast to our artisans today,
For their tireless efforts and their artisanal display.