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ESD Epoxy coated Cutting Tweezers

Our Cutting Tweezers are made from High Grade Carbon Steel for superior high precision cutting edges and are coated with an ESD Epoxy coating to inhibit oxidation and extend overall tool life.
Ideal-tek Epoxy coated cutting tweezers are:
- ESD safe (10^5-10^6)
- easy to clean and maintain
- inhibit oxidation
- available in a variety of styles to cover a wide range of requirements and applications
Product features include tapered narrow design for narrow working spaces, angled blades, predominantly angled blades and parallel blades.
Use Ideal-tek Cutting Tweezers for cutting soft wires such as copper, gold, silver as well as magnetic wires and hard hairsprings,
Choose from ESD Epoxy Cutting Tweezers leaflet the correct Ideal-tek cutting tweezers for your application.
For more detailed information about ESD Epoxy coating please see our Material Technical Data Sheet
(ESD epoxy coated cutting tweezers Newsletter)