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Bluetooth Smart Tweezers

ST-5S-BT2 features a Bluetooth low-energy link to mobile platforms. The link allows for visualization of measurements and measurement parameters, recording measurement sets, configuration of data boundaries and value alerts.
As for ST-5S model, Smart Tweezers™ greatly simplifies testing and troubleshooting process. Resistance, capacitance and inductance can be measured with automatic selection of the test parameters and range. See comparison between ST-5S-BT2 vs ST-5S vs ST-5C.
Smart Tweezers Bluetooth Companion iOS and Android apps enable ST-5S-BT2 connection to mobile devices and tablets direct without additional receivers.
The apps reflect measurement streams and offer CSV data file recording, recorded CSV stream management as well as extensive data sharing capabilities. Watch the Tutorial connection video here
- Bluetooth™ Connectivity
- Convenient one-hand operation
- Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
- Built-in high-precision LCR probe
- Automated component identification
- Automated test range selection
- Manual C, R, L, Z and ESR modes
- Test signal levels 0.25-1.0 Vrms
- Swiss-made precise test leads
- Diode Polarity/Short Testing
- Secondary D, Q, ESR parameters
- Portable and ergonomic design
- Built-in Li-Ion battery
- Universal Micro USB charger
- High visibility OLED display
 For more detailed product information please read the ST-5S-BT2 leaflet.
(Bluetooth Smart Tweezers Newsletter)