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The beauty, wellness and cosmetics industries rely on a wide range of precision hand tools, such as tweezers, scissors and dispensers.
Ideal-tek products are your best friend to take care of your beauty routine daily.

High precision beauty tweezers
These tweezers are specifically designed for the eyelash market. Lightweight, consistent, long-lasting and manufactured using high quality materials. With curved, straight, flat or angled tips, beauty tweezers offer a valid support to the hands of beauticians and operators in the sector.

High precision scissors
This range of products made with the safest and most reliable materials is designed to perform several delicate operations in the field of beauty and cosmetics. Available in different shapes and features, scissor ergonomics ensures constant performance and comfort during use.

Magnifying LED lamp
Ideal-tek LE-WWE5D magnifying lamps are in a class of their own. In addition to adjustable color temperature (3500K—6500K), brightness control (6500LX) and the attractive design, the LE-WWE5D ensures crystal clear vision and eye comfort for any application. For beauticians, it decreases tiredness considerably after long working hours.