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7 & 10-Piece Tweezer Sets

New 7 & 10-Piece Tweezer Sets

And More!


Are you looking for the perfect tools to cater to your diverse and evolving needs? Discover our latest additions, the 7-piece (K7HP), and the ultimate  10-piece (K10HP) tweezer sets. Whether you’re a professional in R&D, an enthusiast in detailed craftsmanship, or anywhere in between, these kits are designed for all your tasks with the perfect balance of variety and precision.

5-Piece Tweezer Sets Now in Blue!
As we phase out our current inventory, get ready to experience the next level of excellence with our upgraded blue 5-piece Tweezer sets. Discover the precision of our new design, meticulously engineered to securely hold your precious tweezers, ensuring their safety and your ease of use. Enhanced with superior materials and our iconic logo, this set guarantees the precision and durability you’ve come to expect.

7-Piece Tweezer Set


What's inside?

The Power Tweezers with serrated tip and handle optimal for tougher jobs.
The High precision Queen: a testament to timeless elegance and unparalleled precision to grasp the smallest components with unwavering grip.
The Cutting Master: the best-selling tweezers for cutting soft wires, removing silicon burrs, or rounding off plastic burrs.
The Gentle Tweezers with fiber reinforced plastic to provide ESD-safe and no-scratching properties.
The Duckbill Tweezers, ideal for facilitating all pick and place tasks.
The High precision Dancer: in the gentle arc of its curve it whispers secrets of precision, a graceful crescent guiding artisans' hands.
The ESD Safe tweezers of choice for handling delicate components safely against electrostatic discharge.
Seven for the essentials, but why stop there?
Elevate your toolkit with our “Perfect ten” with our ultimate K10HP
The Maximum Visibility Tweezers: with its short body allows a firmer grip combined with greater usability.
The Everything Tweezers: with serrated strong ultra fine tips and serrated ergonomic handles, powerful and precise, these tweezers have a bit of everything!
The Reverse action Tweezers: holds components firmly in resting position while applying the same anti-static and non-scratching pressure.