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Sharpen Your Edge with Ideal-tek Cutting Tweezers

25 January 2024

Explore our full range of 👉 cutting tweezers, including the 15AGSM.C.0 latest model. Ideal-tek cutting tweezers are more than just tools; they're crafted solutions for demanding applications.


Select from various blade sizes, closure types (parallel, predominantly angled, or angled blades), materials, grips, and coatings to prevent wear, reduce hand fatigue, and resist oxidation in extreme conditions.
Ideal-tek increases its precision tool lineup with the introduction of the 15AGSM, a hard wire cutting tweezers in polished Carbon Steel model designed for meticulous tasks in microelectronics. This new addition is engineered for effortlessly cutting soft wires up to 0.25 mm / .010 inch and handling small components. 

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Whether you're dealing with different wire sizes or working in challenging environments, our collection has a solution tailored for you.

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