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Digital Microscopes

Studied and designed for a professional use, Dino-Lite is very compact microscope product range which allows the users all high standard shootings (pictures and videos) even in real time and has a zoom feature that may magnify a picture up to 500X. Measurements features such as lines, angles, diameters and radius, calibration as well are available.

Photonic optics develops high quality LED illumination systems for many different applications, including microscopy. For over 30 years Photonic is providing modular systems at a good price/performance ratio, making it the ideal partner for Dino-Lite digital microscopes. Especially the Dino-Lite Long Working Distance and Extra Long Working Distance models can benefit from the flexible illumination systems of Photonic. It complements the integrated LED’s of the Dino-Lite microscopes perfectly.

Photonic Desk Set
    Photonic F1 Set    Photonic HPS set

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