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Ideal-tek Precision End Cutters
Ideal-tek precision end cutters are popular for fine mechanical work including watchmaking and repairs. These cutters are tough enough for difficult jobs, ideal for working in confined spaces and for cutting hairsprings and soft metals.

- Perfect joint alignment
- Non-slip textured handles
- Double-leaf springs to reduce fatigue
- No “slack” or “play”
- Lightweight

- AISI 420A Stainless Steel
- Monocomponent handles
- Lap Joint
- Cutting edges 60-62 Rockwell Hardness (HRC)

- 16.CR.BL End cutters with small pointed head
- 17.CR.BL Oblique End cutters with small pointed head
- 20.CR.BL End cutters with small double pointed head

For more detailed information please see Precision End cutters leaflet or visit our website

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