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Addicted to Tweezers!

Our large product portfolio is the result of three factors:
1) Our expertise in making high quality tweezers, 2) the ability to customize our offer to meet customer and market needs and 3) the capability to always guarantee the same quality standards, on hundreds of different products, at different times. Three factors, one result: our excellence in the field of Swiss tweezers.

Three examples:

1. High precision tweezers
Handcrafted to achieve the perfect symmetry and balance of tips, polished edges and a superior no-scratch/antiglare satin finish.
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2. Plastic replaceable tip tweezers
Excellent for handling sensitive electronic components, ceramic and glass parts where non-metallic non-scratching tools are critical. Compatible with tips of different shape and material (carbon fibre, PVDF, carbon PEEK).
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3. ESD rubber tweezers
ESD safe ergonomic cushion grips provide enhanced operator comfort and reduced finger stress.
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Three Factors:

1. Know-how.
We have expertise in making high quality tweezers.
For 60 years, Ideal-tek has been designing and manufacturing high precision tweezers that stand out in the market for their functionality, reliability, ergonomics, and durability.

2. Customization.
Our understanding of the needs and expectations of our end users has resulted in a complete range of tweezer solutions for high precision applications. End users can select from hundreds of designs and a wide range of materials. Materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, ceramic and ESD epoxy. In addition diamond, Teflon, and gold plated coatings can also be added to improve performance. Tweezers are used in several fields to perform precision work: thanks to their peculiar structure and the materials they are made of, tweezers allow a careful handling of different samples, substances and items.

3. Consistency.
This is Ideal-tek’s capability to always guarantee the same quality standard on hundreds of different products every time. Our culture and experience in addition to international quality standards ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 insure that you get consistent quality every time.

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