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Precision tools and visual inspection instruments are essential for the Electronic and the MRO industries. Ideal-tek is the reliable Swiss manufacturer and supplier ready to satisfy all your specific needs in these markets.
The assembling, the repairing and the reworking of technological devices are crucial activities that require trusted quality partners to be efficient and productive.

Widely used for precision work, professional tweezers thanks to their multiple shapes, materials and ergonomics allow the careful handling, positioning and sorting of components during the engineering, the rework and the repair of electronic devices.

Workbench accessories, scissors and more
Ideal-tek offers several accessories for your workbench, including probes and spatulas, scissors, scalpels and blades, PCB holders and vacuum tools for the holding and positioning of SMD components.
Ideal-tek plastic probes and spatulas are designed for flawless and consistent performance, only allowed by a skilful integration of our industry know-how and material technology.

Cutter and pliers
Ergo-tek cutters and pliers ensure outstanding ergonomics, quality and ESD safe properties. These hand tools are in fact conceived to overcome any frustration, and to satisfy the needs, the desires and the expectations of users operating in different fields.