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Watchmaking & Jewelry

Reliability, durability, precision, ergonomics and the wide range of geometries and materials are the key components which make Ideal-tek hand tools the perfect partner for watchmakers. Our wide catalogue offers the most performing and accurate tools for picking, positioning, cutting and many other tasks that watchmakers and jewellers face in their daily work.

Ideal-tek supplies some of the biggest Swiss watch brands with high-quality tweezers designed for the easy handling of components. Even the smallest parts of a Swiss watch are made with incredible precision and require very sharp and extremely precise tools.

Microspatulas and Oilers
Spatula shaped stainless steel micro-tips are ESD safe and used to apply lubricants to small moving parts, to position tools when working with mechanical components or to apply adhesives in the assembly of watches.

Monocular loupes are essential for identifying and positioning small parts in many fields, including the repair and production of watches, gemmology, jewellery, gemstone collections and diamond cutting.