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Medical device

The Medical Device industry must count on dependable solutions to perform precision and demanding tasks in tight and difficult to access area. Ideal-tek precision tools such as tweezers, cutters and pliers, scissors, visual inspection devices are engineered to efficiently guide and safely support human hands during manufacturing and repairing in this field.

ESD Epoxy Cutting Tweezers
High precision cutting tweezers with a full tool length ESD epoxy coating are ideal for applications in medical, biological and clean room environments. These tweezers are also perfect for precise applications including hearing aid, stent, pacemaker and other medical device manufacturing.
Made of High Grade Carbon Steel for superior high precision cutting edges and coated with an ESD Epoxy coating to inhibit oxidation and extend overall tool life.

Tungsten Carbide Cutters
Ideal-tek Tungsten Carbide Cutters are specially designed for cutting hard metals, are used on single or multiple filars and for lateral or internal cuts. Typical applications include cutting stents, braided mesh, catheters and guide wires in medical device manufacturing. TX Cutters are also equipped with an anti-shock system that reduces mechanical shock to the component and prevents the blades from breakage.

Ideal-tek scissors are the perfect solution for demanding application without losing performance and durability. Specifically designed to cut tiny details or other tough fibers in hard to reach confined area.