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Magnifying HD Camera Lamp: See and Share!

Ideal-tek's High-Definition Camera Magnifying Lamp represents the latest evolution in our line of visual inspection systems. Maintaining all the well-loved characteristics of its predecessors, this innovative lamp adds a high-quality integrated camera system, setting a new standard in precision observation.


Watch the video!

Newsletter_LE-HDWWE5D 1a_def
Newsletter_LE-HDWWE5D 1b

Built-In Camera: enjoy live, sharp images on an HDMI monitorcapturing every detail in vivid clarity.
Convenient Connectivity: effortlessly connect to monitors or PCs. View and save  images and videos directly to a microSD card.
Adjustable Camera Angle: customize your viewing angles for optimal comfort and efficiency in every task.
Simple Capture of High-Quality Media: store 1080p images easily at the press of a button, viewable on-screen or transferable to your PC for convenient sharing and collaboration.
Brilliant Illumination: illuminate your workspace with 60 high-intensity SMD LEDs. Fine-tune brightness and color temperature with micro-touch buttons for the ideal lighting.
IR Remote: Snap high-resolution images, record videos directly to a microSD card, and access features like digital zoom and freeze frame with ease.

Dive Deeper into Details

For a comprehensive overview of the LE-HDWWE5D's capabilities and features, click to view our detailed leaflet and the product page.